Yulia Strekalova publishes in Science Communication

Published: March 26th, 2015

Category: Research News

Congratulations to Yulia Strekalova, Ph.D. student focusing on science and health communication, whose article got published in the recent issue of Science Communication. Strekalova’s article is titled Informing Dissemination Research: A Content Analysis of U.S. Newspaper Coverage of Medical Nanotechnology News.

This study examined nanomedicine coverage by the elite and regional U.S. newspapers. The study sought to study prevalent topics; examine time, risk and benefit, thematic and episodic, and societal and personal impact frames; and identify dominating overarching themes. Technology application and economic consequence were dominant topics, but contrary to the studies of other emerging technologies, regulations and moral issues were the least discussed topics for nanomedicine. A variety of data analytic techniques, including cluster analysis, were performed to analyze data. The analysis has identified three themes, Technology Prospects, High-Risk High-Reward, and Investment Costs, that dominated nanomedicine coverage.

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