Amy Jo Coffey completes Innovation Hub’s eWITS program

Published: April 27th, 2015

Category: Faculty news

Amy Jo Coffey was selected for and recently completed the 10-week (30-hour) eWITS program at the Innovation Hub at UF. The Empowering Women in Technology Startups (eWITS) program affords the opportunity to intensively learn about innovation and entrepreneurship from the entrepreneur’s perspective.

She worked with an interdisciplinary team to develop a business plan for a UF licensed technology, and pitched on behalf her team in a presentation to investors on April 16, taking third place among all teams: .

Coffey says the impact of this experience was a more holistic and hands-on appreciation of the start-up process, which she can apply in the classroom when teaching her graduate-level Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Mass Communication course. Coffey was also recently named advisor to a media technology start-up based in Tampa (Trunica). For more information on the eWITS program, visit: