Research Calendar

CJC: Doctoral Dissertation Research Fund Proposals
Oct 12 all-day

The fund’s objective is to support doctoral students in pursuit of original mass communication scholarship. Work supported by the fund is expected to “demonstrate high standards of relevance, continuity, significance, and accomplishment.”

Submission deadlines are January 12, May 11, and October 16.

Guidelines: Dissertation Fund Award Call for Proposals FY 2015

RFA: The Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation – Grants
Nov 15 all-day

Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation’s mission is to invest in the future of journalism by building the ethics, skills and opportunities needed to advance principled, probing news and information now and for the future.

Program Areas
The Foundation has four program areas: investigative reporting, professional development, youth education and special opportunities. Within each of these program areas, the Foundation gives special preference to programs focusing on ethics and new media.

Investigative Reporting
Through its support of non-profit organizations and educational institutions, the Foundation seeks to:

• Increase the quantity, quality and ethical standards of investigative reporting and watchdog journalism on state and local issues;
• Stimulate and nurture the development of organizations, infrastructures, services, collaborations and business models that can help secure a future for investigative reporting and watchdog journalism;
• Encourage the development of digital innovations that make data about state and local issues more available to the public.

Geographic focus: The Foundation supports investigative reporting programs throughout the United States.

Professional Development
Through its support of professional development programs at non-profits and educational institutions, the Foundation seeks to:

• Improve the credibility and impact of journalism;
• Stimulate adherence to the highest ethical standards and practices by both traditional and new media;
• Sustain and encourage more journalism that produces civic results;
• Help journalists make use of new tools and new outlets for their work;
• Increase and renew the enthusiasm of journalists for their important work.

Geographic focus: The Foundation supports professional development programs throughout the United States.

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