FBLA-PBL First General Body Meeting

Published: September 4th, 2016

Category: Student Organizations

FBLA-PBL is an organization that is there for YOU. Here at the Tau Pi PBL chapter at UF, we strive to promote career related opportunities and build a community of leaders – all while giving back to UF and the local community. Each meeting, we aim to bring in a local company to not only educate students on their story and company, but to give our students that edge and the necessary networking that is needed to succeed in the workforce. We also have over 50 competitive events to choose from that can fit for any major wanting to practice their skills on a state and national level. Our promise to our students is that no time will be a waste and FBLA-PBL will always be your home away from home.  

Our first general body meeting will be on September 14, 2016 at 7 PM in Heavener Hall 240. Our website is http://ufphibetalambda.wixsite.com/fbla-pbl.